Communication and Broadcasting Islam is a further development of the Academy Tabligh Muhammadiyah which was founded on 18th of November 1958. In the academic year 1963/1964, the Academy of Tabligh Muhammadiyah was changed into Faculty of Religious Sciences Department of Da’wah (FIAD) Muhammadiyah. Three years after UMY established, precisely in the academic year 1984/1985, FIAD officially joined UMY under the name of Faculty of Da’wah. In the academic year 1987/1988 Faculty of Da’wah combined with Faculty of Tarbiyah to became Faculty of Islamic Religion of UMY. Since 1997, the Department of Da’wah at the Faculty of Islamic Religion has changed into the Communication and Broadcasting of Islam Study Program. Currently, KPI holds accredited A from The Decree of  BAN PT Number: 038 / BAN-PT / Ak-XIII / S1 / I / 2011XIII / S1 / I / 2011 (14th of January 2011). The Islamic Communications and Broadcasting Study Program focuses on creating globally professional dai-dai who are able to use communication technology and media.